Resource gossiping

It is a coaching tool that supports youngsters in getting or developing self-awareness of their inner resources. In this context resources are youngsters’ inner capabilities, skills, strength, talents to reach personal goals. We as educators strengthen those inner resources, so they can reach what they want in personal and professional lives. Strengthening inner resource(s) is very important so youngsters become more self-confident, self-aware, develop inner potential for own dreams.

How does it work?

If an educator has an individual conversation then he/she can give personal feedback of the youngster’s resources. If educator works with a group of youngsters then youngsters are divided in groups of three. One of them turns the back to the others. His/Her task is very simple and hard at the same time – to be silent and an attentive listener. He/She is not allowed to make comments during and after the conversation among two other youngsters. Their task is to share all the observations of his/her strengths, talents, capabilities, what they have noticed about the person. Those can also be hypotheses such as “I noticed that he likes to take initiatives, so it makes me think he could be a good entrepreneur or a project manager, he might be a good leader”.

There is one minute of the resource gossiping. Than the participants change.
After three minutes of gossiping participants share “What did I get know new about myself?”