Placing family members

When the vision of the family is unfolded, youngster analyses his/her relationship with 3 the most important family members.

How does it work?

On an A4 paper, the youngster writes or draws the symbol for each family member. The youth worker invites him/her to place each A4 paper on the floor, exactly where he/she feels it. This is his/her first constellation, how he/she sees his/her own family. When the places of the family members are found, a youngster is invited to step on the first paper and put self into the shoes of this family member. How does this place feel? How do other family members look from this angle?

What are own feelings?

What do you notice? Is there any movement that you would like to take by being in shoes of this family member?

Outcomes of the tool

The youngster has a different perspective on his/her own family. He/she sees different angles of her/his family members. He/she has new sensations and awareness of his/her place into the family system. After experiencing places of each family member, a helper can ask, what youngster would do differently right now When we work with youngsters of mix cultural backgrounds, sometimes it can be very complex, so a clear vision for youngster himself/herself helps to clarify his/her own awareness. This tool helps to respect not only youngster but also his family and context of origins.