Solution walk

Solution walk

When youngster has set desired aim it is time to make concrete steps how to reach it. The more details youngster can create, imagine, visualize about it the stronger it stays in his mind.

How does it work?

Scale is very practical tool to look at desired aim as steps. If we work one to one with youngster we let youngster to experience the role of the client. The scale can be imaginary or drawn on the paper. If we work in the group, youngsters work in pairs. It takes 30 min to make the the steps of the scale:

– Imagine a scale from 0 to 10
The 10 represents a desired situation. The 0 represents a situation in which nothing of that desired situation has yet been achieved.

-belonging to the present time
Youngster shares on the scale according to his/her opinion where he/she is on the scale now. He/she answers the questions: He/she explains how he/she managed to get to his/her current position on the scale and what helped him/her to get there.

-imagine one step higher
youngster vividly describes how the situation looks like when he/she is one step higher on the scale by explaining how one step higher on the scale looks like. How will he/she notice that has reached one step higher on the scale?

-small step higher
Youngster again imagines being one step higher on the scale. What has changed? What he/she is doing? What has helped him/her to make this step?