Movement towards mother

According to the founder of constellations (Bert Hellinger) the movement towards mother is the first one in the family. It is the first connection that is build up in the family.

How does it work?

When we work one to one with a youngster we let him/her experience the role of a client. When we work in a group, then youngsters are divided into pairs. In the pair, one youngster is a client, other represents his/her mother (the gender does not matter here). Before the task, partners can have a brief conversation what their best memories or thoughts are when he/she thinks about his/her mother. What he/she feels, thinks, remembers. In this case the tool helps to collect inner strength towards mother. They stand at a 15m distance in front of each other. Both are silent and have full attention on each other. Only client moves towards the element of the mother, the other stays still and waits. With each step closer to the mother, youngster firstly gets a sense that he/she can reach her. She is reachable and accessible. It is very personal and only youngster knows the true meaning of this movement towards mothers.

Afterwards, both partners change the roles and make the same movement. Later they discuss what kind of feelings they had, what they experienced, what they noticed in body or body movement.

Outcomes of the tool

By connecting with mother youngster senses his/her belonging to the family. It is his/her primal connection and it gives him/her strength of belonging. It also develops senses of empathy and self-awareness of feelings.