Youngsters of mix cultural background

Work with youngsters of mix cultural background – In this case, we do not look only at relationship between the client and his/her parents, but also relationship with the land, where mother and father come from. A constellation is a systemic approach so elements like countries can be placed as well. When a youngster connects with his/her mother and fatherland, it again gives him/her a sense of belonging. Sometimes those can be two different countries or even more, for example, a mother from Latvia, a father from Russia, but the country where he/she was born is Ireland.

Movement towards fatherland

According to Bert Hellinger, the priority is given to the land, where the father comes from, then follows the country where the mother comes from. Fatherland gives strength and forcefulness.

How does it work?

When we work one-to-one with youngster we let him/her experience the role of a client. When we work in a group then youngsters are divided into pairs. In the pair, one youngster is a client, other represents his/her fatherland (the gender does not matter here). Before the task partners can have a brief conversation how fatherland looks like, what the features are, what the history is, has he/she visited this country etc. In this case the tool helps to collect inner strength towards the fatherland. They stand at a 15m distance in front of each other. Both are silent and have full attention on each other. Only client moves towards the element of the fatherland, the other stays still and waits. With each step closer to the fatherland youngster, firstly gets a sense how the fatherland looks for him, how he/she experiences his/her fatherland etc. Afterward both partners change the roles and make the same movement. Later they discuss what kind of feelings they had, what they experienced, what they noticed in the body or body movement.