May 3, 2017


Through coaching a person finds his inner strength and resources to build solution. The purpose of coaching conversation is to improve person’s performances and enhance the quality of their lives. Coaching conversation:
– discovers “what works” in a given situation;
– focuses on what’s wanted;
– what’s going well.
The coaching conversation gives solution with hope, creative ideas, feeling of competence, clearer view on possibilities. The main tool for coaching is a question that is asked in such a way to move attention to solution. The core assumption is that a person who is an expert in his life and work. This approach mainly is based on language and focusing on future.


Feedback from INCEPTION participants

LAUMA (trainer), Latvia: “It is an art.”

ANDREJ (trainer), Slovenia: “Coaching is so ful of simplicity that when you are using it you are never aware what a strong tool you are actually facing.”

TOLGA, Turkey : ” It starts with active listening to our client, then relaxing and peaceful environment, and then asking questions.”

DOROTEJA, Slovenia: “Helping to the others.”

RAMAZAN, Turkey: “Coaching is helping to the client to find his solution.”

ROY,UK/Poland: “Coaching is a two-way process. It is about active listening, it’s about being supportive, doing what’s best for your client. Seeing something you can form, guide.”

TAMARA, Croatia: “Coaching is about learning about the process how to get to your own problems. If you teach a person how to deal with a problem, they will know how to deal with all the other problems.”

MERIL, Estonia: “Coaching is guiding a client and being there.”

LINDA, Latvia: “Coaching is showing ways to the client how to reach a goal and how to choose.”

JANA,Slovakia: “It is guiding.”

PAULA, Poland: “Looking inside of us.”

ANITA, Slovenia: “It is an art to untangle things and give the space to others to shine.”

IVANA, Croatia: “To be able to light on fire.”

LAURI, Estonia: “Coaching helped to describe the problem with less words, and speak more about the solution.”

What does it mean to be a coach?

SENDIJA, Latvia: “If you are a coach it is very responsible job to do because you need to listen very carefully. You need to be supportive towards the client to understand the client’s problem.”

ALGIS, Lithuania: “Empathy is the main thing to understand problems and to help.”

AGNESE, Latvia: “Coach needs to understand the client.”

EMRE, Turkey: “You try to raise awareness, it’s not easy to point into a direction without giving a solution.”

FILIP, Slovakia: “Coach must be flexible to find the right approach.”

SINTIJA, Latvia: “It means understanding the client’s need.”

DOMINIKA, Slovakia: “Helping people to find the right solution to the problem.”

JAN, Slovenia: “Poking to someone against the problem.”

RITA, Lithuania: “Every time you need to approach in a different way. It really is an art.”

KARLO, Croatia: “To put my personal opinion and judgment aside, and let my client decide what is the best for them. Giving my client a safe environment to explore.”

EGE, Estonia: “Always remember to motivate.”

ASIA, Poland: “It is a challenge. You have the knowledge, experience and feelings, and you need to go from the perspective of “I” to “client.”