May 3, 2017


It is a systemic approach, when a solution is build by an arrangement of elements. Our constellation approach is rooted in the Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger (Germany). It is an externalization of problem situation with a wide overview of the solution. Through constellation the solution is build by including and finding right place of each element in the system. It is a group method that involves each group member. Especially, constellation is useful working with family issues.


Participant feedback

EGE, Estonia “Constellation makes the working process more effective. It gives to the person tools to make his/her work effective. It helps them to understand why they are doing what they do and also to find solutions with problems they face.”

Roy, UK/Poland: “I have had a better, healthier, relationship with myself and with my clients. I have been less concerned about results and more about communication. I was a frustrated and angry person. I get that from my past. I would blame others for my problems and I did not take ownership of them. In fact, I would to run in the opposite direction. I would run away from everything: relationships, money, conflict and then it would all come to a head in one earth shattering meltdown.Today, I can safely say that I am much calmer, a much nicer person to be around. I have not totally banished my demons, but they are much smaller and way less scarier than they used to be.”

Anita, Slovenia: “I knew the constellation healing method before Inception and I played roles for other people many times. However, I got so many new insights! I admire Lauma for her courage to present this method to people.  The best thing about it, is that it works. About the part I was playing in constellation of another participant: It was the most intense role I experienced so far (I hope it was most intense, so I’m done with it). However, I am so grateful Lauma trusted me with this role.  I learned so much about myself during this experience and I am still learning.”