November 30, 2017


Nowadays Erasmus+ projects have very important place in the field of education that is so demanding for changes. I believe that non-formal education widens perspective on learning for youngsters and youth workers that it can positive, you can create and lead it. By implementing Erasmus+ projects as a leader and a participant I witness how they change personality of participant during learning process. It includes acceptance, reflection, group dynamics, reflection, intercultural dialogue, perception etc. The change that happens during the Project cannot be evaluated by statistics, it is untouchable, sustainable. I highly believed that project creates and carries out network that brings together NGO-municipality and entrepreneur. In project must be all sides included. If youngsters are mindful when the network is created, they learn co-creation, initiative, and cooperation. It is fundamental for development of modern community, country and Europe. It is enough too alone. Thank you for program and opportunity to create change within myself and society
Kristine Kode



“Sendija and Inception”.
In the beginning I thought that it would be easy-  one more project with methods, how to improve communication with young people, how to motivate myself and others for taking initiative. It was not like this. There is a saying – firstly you need to help yourself, than you can help others. Firstly, you need to admit your own problem, who you are ready to accept and start “treatment” or solving the problem. The one who says “I don’t have a problem” is lying. That is the biggest problem. Also I told myself “I do not have any problems. I have everything, what I want. I don’t miss anything.” It was like that till the moment I broke. Every day I had a schedule – home, school, sport training, events and activities with youngsters by helping myself and not thinking about myself (I even did not have time to think).

My only thought was “who else can do it instead of me?” The breaking point was a conversation, when we started to talk about me. I got angry. I don’t like to talk about myself. I don’t believe that someone is interested in my thoughts and feelings. That was my problem. That was my problem – I did not trust anybody. It was logical – how can I expect that someone would trust and rely on me, if I do not know and do not do by myself. People around could really sense it, especially, youngsters as their senses are very sharpen. Trust in the most important in communication. If a person who you help, does not trust you, than you cannot help him as he is closed in his world and won’t come to open conversation. I found the source of my problem, and that really surprised me- my father.

Of course in the beginning it was hard to admit my problem that innerly had turn into vast one. This pain had to be healed instead of putting into the deepest corner so it does not disturb. It was important to be aware that I am not alone and I get support. Whole group was with me and I was with them. In that moment I realized that not always I can solve my problem alone. I need to be strong and ask for help. Yes, exactly – strong is the one, who asks the help. When I was dealing with my problem I felt very liberated. Love, that I had not felt during my childhood and had been missing, flowed inside of me.  After the project I changed my life style. I stopped to run in front of everyone instead I allowed myself to take a rest. Project impact definitely was learning, openness, trust and awareness that we are not alone in the world. Absolutely there is someone, who can help us.

In general I think this is one of the most influential project where I have participated with my whole heart and soul. I would say that was a “gathering of souls”, that united us from different countries. Each of us carried own story, problem, experience, that united us entirety. There was no language barrier as soul language is understandable for everyone, who surrenders for it.