May 4, 2018

Inception 3 INFOPACK


Infopack for International ERASMUS+ Training course






Applicant organization:                                  Co-organizing organization:
NGO ideA (Latvia)                                                    Entrepreneurship Movement Club (Slovenia)




Partner organizations:
Jelgavas novada Izglītības pārvalde(Latvia),
Mesleki  ve  Teknik Egitimi  Gelistirme  Dernegi (Turkey),
Centrum Inicjatyw  UNESCO(Poland),
KC  Priestor (Slovakia)
Politikos tyrimų  ir  analizės institutas (Lithuania),
Sakala  Keskus (Estonia)




Lauma Ziemeļniece (project trainer): “The project title Inception means a creation or a beginning. I believe everyone has a chance to start a new phase of life. Within Inception we learn about our own strength and how to support others in creating the beginning. Inception changes perception of own reality using coaching conversation and constellation by seeing ourselves as a part of family. ”

Andrej Korpar (project trainer): “Passionate about encouraging youth for taking their active role in leadership and passionate about coaching.  The project will pull many questions out of us. Many of those we have never thought about. And this will give us the right tools to help other people and enlight their hidden potential.”

Kristīne Kode (project coordinator): “I  come  from the heart  of Latvia,  from  local community  where  human being  has close relation  with  Mother Nature.  Being  proud about  community  I  come  from and where  I  belong to.  It  will be  great  honor to  share  our stories,  our  experiences, our  values  -identity, initiative,  cooperation,  good governance,  justice. Pleased to  meet  you in  Latvia  in our  local  community in  June 2018.”

Marcela Velfl (project facilitator): “For me dancing is the centre of my being – everything is created out of movement. I believe that’s where all the new learning starts. Project Inception is also a centre, a centre where different people gather, explore different movements, and create a foundation for something new, a new beginning for ourselves, family, friends, colleagues, youngsters and community.”



Background of the project:

Inception3 is  a  successive project  of  the Inception  confirmed  by Latvian  National  Agency (2016) and Inception  2.0  confirmed by  Slovenian  National Agency  (2017).  Within this  project  we tackle  an  issue that  in  2016, more  than  6,3 million  young  people (aged  15-24 years)  were neither  in  employment nor  in  education or  training  (NEETs) in  the  European Union.

Inception3 is dedicated to youth workers and leaders, teachers dealing with NEET youngsters from mix cultural backgrounds, including  working  with refugees, asylum  seekers  and migrants.


–       to  raise awareness  of  marginalized youth,  especially  NEET’s among  youth  workers ;
–       to build capacity of youth  workers, youth  leaders  and educators  using  coaching and  constellation  as methods  to work  with marginalized  youth  especially NEET  youngsters   with mix  cultural  background;
–       to increase  local communities openess  and tolerance  towards  diverse cultures.



Coaching discovers “what works” in a given situation, simply and practically:

– basic principles;
– self- knowledge on personal inner strength, resources;
– the set of foundation for coaching conversations;
– to witness the progression rather than solve the problem and advise, thus keeping responsibility with the youngster and holding back self from intervention;
– to practice active listening;
– being mindful and open to co-create a coaching conversation with youngster.


Constellation is a system approach arranging elements in proper position or alignment. It is a group method, that can be adopted for one to one work.

– how to analyze the family context of NEET with mix cultural origins;
– how to see a family as a system;
– basic principles of constellation.

Based on previous participants needs Inception3 gives more  tools  and theory regarding  constellation  and family  context, how to deal with youngster family contexts, especially when they come from mix cultural families, including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.


After the training course participants receive the EU certificate Youthpass.



Project activities

1st activity International training course

Dates:  27th of June till 4th of July, 2018

Place:  Latvia, Zaļenieki

Countries: Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia (three participants per organization)

Profile of participants:

  • youth workers, youth leaders or  teachers  with 2-3  years  experience in the field;
  • youth workers and  youth  leaders that work  with  marginalized youth  (especially  NEET youngsters and  mix  cultural background  including  refugees, immigrants);
  • youth workers and  youth  leaders who  seek  to work  with  marginalized youth  (project  coordinators, mentors,  support staff);
  • youth workers  and leaders,  who  have possibility  practically  use methods  in  their daily  work;
  • educators representing formal  education  (school, orphanage  houses);
  • have personal mix  cultural  origin;
  • comes from geographically deprived area,  faces social  or  economical challenges;
  • the age of  participants  are 18+ ;
  • each partner organization is  asked  to provide  gender


Number of participants: 26 participants

Google forms for the participants:

Deadline of selection the participants: 20th of May, 2018



Local workshops with youth workers, leaders and educators

Time: July-August, 2018

Place: Each partner country (Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Estonia)

-Participants create two 90 min workshops by sharing the methods in their organizations,   local communities to other youth workers, leaders and educators;

-collect reflections and feedback from other youth workers regarding the methods;

– participants make 2min video of each event.


2nd activity Follow up meeting

Time: 24th- 27th of August, 2018

Place: Slovenia, Haloze

Countries: Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia (one participant per organization)

The objectives of the follow-up meeting:

– collect gained experience, knowledge during the meetings with local youth workers;

– feedbacks and reflections of participant experience and personal learnings;

–  supervisions.


Practicalities for the training course


–       Training  course takes  place in  Zaļenieki, beautiful  place  in a Latvian  country  side, 7km  from  Nature Park  “Tērvete”  and 25km  from  Jelgava;
–       Participants  stay in  hostel  “Green Manor”  which  is  just  5min from  the  working room of  local primary school  where the training course takes place;
–       Participants  stay in double or  triple rooms. In each room there is a shower and  WC, that is shared with roommate  Wi-Fi is provided  in  common areas  of the hostel (the  wifi  connection is  weak);
–       There is  a  post office  (600m),  grocery (700m)  and  local shop (750m);
–       Emergency  medical first aid  kit  is provided in  the  venue.


Things to take with you:

–       Flip-flops
–       Shoes and  comfortable clothes  for  activities inside and outside
–       Personal  hygienic belongings
–       Personal  medicaments (for headaches, stomach aches or allergies ect)
–       National drinks,  snacks  and music  from  your father  country (if possible)  as a  contribution to  the intercultural  evenings  (there is no possibility to cook, so take only light food)



Insurance: each organization is responsible for supporting participants to have a European Heath Insurance card and a valid insurance policy for the period of the planned activity!


Travel costs and reimbursement:

Choose the cheapest way of traveling. Keep ALL  ORIGINAL  tickets,  boarding passes,  receipts/invoices.  They  are   collected  during the  training  course. Reimbursement  is done  in  EUROS, regardless  of  the currency  indicated  on your  ticket and receipt/invoice.

Look  for more  info  here:


Amount  of maximum refund per participant:

Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Turkey – 275EUR/participant;

Lithuania, Estonia: 180EUR/participant


Project organizers don’t reimburse taxi or other travel costs, except public transport, that are not agreed with organizers in advance.

Please  DO RESERVE  your  tickets, but  DO  NOT BUY  them  before consulting  with project organizers! Before  buying the  ticket  please send  to  andrej.korpar@gmail.comt the  information about  your  planned travel  cost,  date and  destination.


Deadline to get the tickets: 1st of the June


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