June 30, 2019

twInception manual

Erasmus+ twInception project was all about joining power of formal and non-formal education in order to fight against NEET youngsters. We believe that only joining both of them is good enough no youngster can ever become a NEET. In a crucial young teenage years, youngsters spend most of the time in the formal system of education. By the experiences and feedbacks teachers, they are not prepared to recognise who of their pupils or students is highly likely to become a NEET youngster one day. If we empower formal teachers or educators to become aware of the NEET situation and to be ready how to treat them if he/she shows the strong indicators to become one then we will make a big step in the eradication of NEET status in the community of young people. Many youngsters are simply pulled into the decision that are making them NEET by the environment they are living in. At the same time youngsters are not having enough of inner strength to fight against this kind of damaging decision. The following manual is rich with the tips and methods that can be used in formal as well as in nonformal education. We do understand that both of the education systems are different in its basics so therefore in this manual we choosed only the methods that can be applied in both of the systems. We tried to make the approach as easy as possible and finding the methods and techniques that are tested out and universal which is important when different stakeholders want to work together on the NEET issues.


Manual can be visible here: twInception Manual