May 3, 2017

Inception Guidebook

Guidebook Returning back to myself is experienced in Latvia and written in Slovenia. It is a manual created by Inception participants to bring coaching and constellation tools for the youth workers and youth.

27 Inception participants have put into action their knowledge and hold 181 meetings with youngsters and youth works during 2,5 months. Now they share their wisdom and know-how.

The aim of manual is :

  • to share examples of good practise working with youngsters, including NEET;
  • to widespread new and empowering methods;
  • to build the capacity working with youth, including NEET.

“A message for youth workers and youngsters.

What we want to see in the world – it`s what we have to achieve in ourselves first.

But we can do really big things if we start with one step and then keep on walking.

What would you do if you knew you can change something?”


You can download Inception Guidebook “Returning back to myself” manual here


According to project application form publication consists of examples of good practice youth workers can use in their work with young people with fewer opportunities including NEET youth, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Youth workers first learn those tools and methods during the training course. Afterwards, they practice them while coaching NEET youth in their community. After all the participants test tool and methods in real conversations, they give feedback on their success, and usefulness of methods used during the coaching period. One participant from each country collect all the data, feedback and experiences with the tools and methods used in their local communities, and bring them to the follow-up activity. During this follow-up best methods are chosen to be put in the coaching toolbox and publication based on the feedback of all the participants. The aim of this publication is not only to disseminate examples of good practise in coaching NEET youth, but to equip youth workers that come in possession of this publication with some new and fresh coaching tools and methods that empower and build their capacity to work with NEETS in their local communities.